SFX Project

CATEEM was in extensive use by the former Pro Science research clinic. The results in drug effects and sleeping research suggested the development of a sleep depth detector for surgery monitoring. This project has used the mathematical knowledge of hchs. It was implemented by DeMeTec. It was validated by comparing it to sleep research results. Look at publications point 36.
SFX Screen
Using the tool PSM 2000 is simple. You can control it by touching the screen. Klick here to see a sample screen in original size.

PSM 2000 uses the same amplifier configuration as HRQEEG and CATEEM. PSM shows you online a indicator for the sleep depth of your patient. You can recognize the Blue bar in the middle of the screen over a bigger distance. On the left part you see the time graph of this indicator. This window includes also a automatic archives function. On the left side of screen you have two indicators of right and left local EEG amplitude deficit. This helps to detect reductions of blood perfusion during carotis surgery. The visualization of these parameters in the horizontal bar is also easy to recognize. In the bottom part of screen you see two selectable channels of the raw EEG for the verification of the connections.