Hans Carlos Hofmann 
Due to the research projects using CATEEM, there is a new mode of calculation. The EEG Power will displayed in relation to the corresponding point on the opposite side. So this mode shows exactly in real time, when the brain has not a symmetric perfusion with blood. This is important for carotids surgery. If there is a relation calculation used, some phenomenon's are completely hidden. In the new mirror mode the reference will be changed in time. As a result of this, the mirror mode doesn't show a symmetric change of the EEG. 

In the statistic part of CATEEM there is a new function of visualization the distribution of EEG signal power in a group of persons. This is helpful to determinate the fact, that people could respond on different form on a drug like a responder - non-responder situation. 

All programs of the Brain Research Project get a new menu point. HCHS offers the possibility to publish a method, part of a paper in an exact electronic form. We will bundle medical solutions of research projects in a special file, which can be transported over the internet and installed on systems without supervisor intervention. Owing to this, we hope to build medical standard procedures on different applications of CATEEM.