Hans Carlos Hofmann 
In response to customer wishes, there were made a lot of improvements in the Programs CATEEN, CATERPA, PROSCICARDII and CAPO. With CAPO there is a new facility to show pictures imported as tiff files in tests.  PROSCICARDII has now an extension package to process configurable external data like blood pressure or  skin resistance. CATEEM has a new function of EEG classification, which helps to determinate the type of patient's problems. All programs are now able to store data with patients full names and optional anonymizing.

In a second part, I will discuss the creation of analysis directives in the CATEEM phase analysis module. This universal tool  is able to process customer's definitions in off-line analysis. At the example of sleep research, I will show the translation of a definition to a set of directives. I will also show that the definitions used by human investigators are often not complete. They must by expanded. Often the definitions are extremely critical because of non-continuous functions. This could be corrected by using other functions, designed to get nearly the same result, but in a continuous way.